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What I Do And My Promise(s) To You

Posted by Alex K. Kriksciun | Jun 08, 2018 | 0 Comments

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I read an enlightening article recently on Above the Law, which for those who don't know, is an excellent legal blog and has been for years.  The article specifically dealt with Harvey Weinstein's prosecution in New York State for rape (he entered a not guilty plea to all charges earlier this week).

The article was critical of Mr. Weinstein's lawyers being “scrutinized” for some of their actions they have taken in conjunction with Mr. Weinstein's defense. Apparently, Mr. Weinstein's legal team (which includes David Boies, one of America's foremost trial lawyers) have been attempting to interview the complainants in the case in addition to other women who have accused Mr. Weinstein of sexual assault.  This, as I understand it, is what has led to the “scrutiny.”

The article states that “[t]rying to talk to complainants, developing theories to impeach their credibility, and even taping phone or face-to-face conversations with them without their knowledge, is all fair game.  So is looking up everything you can about them on social media, and speaking to their friends or employers.  This is what defense attorneys are supposed to do” but “[w]hat's not legal is offering them money to keep quiet or scaring or threatening them in any way.”  Both of these assertions are absolutely, stone-cold, 100% correct. 

Mr. Weinstein's lawyers should not be criticized or scrutinized for doing their jobs.  Attempting to interview complaining witnesses and gathering as much information on them as possible is part of the job in many cases.  It's not always a pretty business, but it's frequently a necessary one.  As the article correctly points out, “[i]t's perfectly okay for Harvey Weinstein's attorneys to do their very best job for him. Not only is it okay, it's their obligation and duty.”

Finally, I love this quote from the article, “[i]t's already tough to be a criminal defense attorney. You have to love representing the underdog. You never know what might come up against your client until it hits you at trial, and you have to like the heat that representing the underdog generates.” 

I believe in giving the little guy a voice.  When a person is charged with a crime, I can imagine that the charge is like a huge weight on their shoulders.  That huge weight is the power of the state.  You need a good lawyer to ease that burden.  I cannot make any promises regarding legal representation due to the rules of legal ethics I must follow, but I can promise you this: if you hire the Law Office of Alex Kriksciun, we will fight like a pit bull/honey badger/wolverine for the little guy.  We believe in the need to stand up and confront the tremendous power of the state head on.  We will do everything possible to lift that weight off your shoulders.  Perhaps most importantly, we will work as hard as we possibly can on your case to arrive at the best conclusion possible.  If you need legal assistance, give the office a call today.

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