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Criminal Defense

At the Law Office of Alex Kriksciun, our primary practice area is defending individuals accused of crimes at the federal, state, and municipal levels.  We represent clients who have been cited for municipal offenses and who have been arrested on misdemeanor or felony charges.  This includes drug charges, property and theft charges, weapons charges, DWIs, sex offenses, crimes of violence, post-conviction relief, and many others. If you have been arrested or expect that you or someone you care for will be arrested, call 504.226.6200 immediately to get the Law Office of Alex Kriksciun on your side!

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Personal Injury

If you have been injured in an accident or have lost a loved one due to the fault of another person, the Law Office of Alex Kriksciun can help.

Our goal in personal injury cases is to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for our clients' past and future damages.  We will guide the client in a compassionate manner and work tirelessly to resolve every case for the client's maximum benefit.

Our personal injury practice areas include car and motorcycle accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, wrongful death, slip and fall, premises liability claims, and others.  Contact the Law Office of Alex Kriksciun to speak to a lawyer immediately!

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Traffic Tickets

A traffic citation is one of the simplest situations that involves law enforcement.  Nevertheless, it can be unnerving to be pulled over for a traffic violation. 

If you have received a traffic citation or a parking ticket, the Law Office of Alex Kriksciun can appear for you at a hearing and challenge the law enforcement officer to prove the infraction beyond a reasonable doubt. We work tirelessly to prevent driver's license suspension, to mitigate any additional points on your record, and to protect your driving privileges.  Contact us today for a free consultation!