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New Orleans Traffic Ticket Lawyer

New Orleans traffic ticket lawyer Alex K. Kriksciun has represented multiple clients in New Orleans Traffic Court, First Parish and Second Parish Courts (Jefferson Parish), Kenner Mayor's Court, Harahan Mayor's Court, and the 25th Judicial District Court (Plaquemines Parish).  If you are ticketed, contact the office today.

Nobody likes getting a traffic ticket.  It is time-consuming, can be nerve-wracking or stressful, and can be a major inconvenience.  After receiving a ticket, the temptation is to pay the ticket and get about the daily business of living.  This is often the worst course of action.  When you pay the ticket, it is just as if you are pleading guilty.  This goes on your driving record, and can lead to increased premiums, excessive fines, and possible license suspension.

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The smartest and most cost-effective long-term way to address a traffic ticket in New Orleans is to hire an experienced traffic ticket defense attorney to fight the charge on your behalf.  Furthermore, in most cases, the office can make arrangements so that you do not have to appear in Traffic Court.  This can save a tremendous amount of time.  For example, many people show up at 1:45 in New Orleans Traffic Court for an afternoon court appearance and do not leave until after 5:30.

At the Law Office of Alex Kriksciun, our traffic ticket lawyer understands the importance of having a valid driver's license.  Not being able to drive legally could prevent you from obtaining or keeping employment, make it difficult to obtain the necessities of life, or interfere with childcare responsibilities.  That is why, when you have been charged with a traffic offense, we fight tooth and nail to ensure that your rights are being protected.  Contact us today!