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New Orleans Sex Crime Lawyer

New Orleans criminal defense lawyer Alex K. Kriksciun has extensive experience aiding clients through difficult sex offense charges. 

These charges can include possession of child pornography, indecent exposure, human trafficking, sexual battery, internet sex crimes, solicitation of a minor, incest, molestation of a juvenile, and several different forms of rape.

It is imperative that you hire an experienced New Orleans criminal defense attorney if you are accused of a sex crime.  Sex crimes are the modern day “scarlet letter.”  No criminal charges (arguably not even murder) are more stigmatizing than sex crimes, especially sex crimes against children.  Any conviction for a sex crime, even if no jail time is involved, WILL completely alter your life.

Furthermore, if you are convicted of a sex crime, you will almost certainly have to register as a sex offender.  In addition to being completely humiliating, the Louisiana sex offender laws place severe restrictions on your ability to live in certain places, to engage in certain occupations, and facets of life which would have been otherwise uncomplicated.

The Law Office of Alex Kriksciun approaches sex charges in “full on charge mode.”  We can hire an investigator to determine why the complaining witness has made the accusation, file motions to obtain discovery that would otherwise be undiscoverable, and explore every possible option to obtain the best result possible for our clients.

Please contact the office immediately to schedule a free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer with years of experience handling sex crimes.