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New Orleans Municipal Court Lawyer

New Orleans criminal defense lawyer Alex K. Kriksciun has defended many clients in all four sections of Orleans Parish Municipal Court.

Municipal Court hears cases that involve violations of the Municipal Code of New Orleans. Until recently, some minor misdemeanors (simple battery, small-time possession of marijuana, etc.) were heard in Municipal Court, however, District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro recently moved his prosecutors that were in Municipal Court back to Criminal District Court. Even though the state prosecutors have moved, Orleans Parish Municipal Court remains the largest criminal court in Louisiana.

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Municipal Code violations can be resolved either through an arrest or a summons (ticket). If a person is actually arrested for a Municipal Court violation, the Law Office of Alex Kriksciun can help obtain a bond, recommend a bondsman if needed, argue for a low bond in front of a judge, and file a motion to reduce bond if needed.

Although there are many criminal offenses outlined in the Municipal Code, most violations involve such offenses as minor in possession of alcohol, theft, resisting an officer, public drunkenness, battery, lewd conduct (i.e. public urination), disturbing the peace, criminal trespass, simple possession of marijuana, and the like.

As you might expect, many Municipal Court charges are picked up by students, visitors, or tourists in New Orleans. Let's be honest: New Orleans is a town where ordinary, productive members of society do things they might not otherwise do back home. Alex K. Kriksciun has helped many people from New Orleans and points elsewhere out of town avoid a municipal conviction on their record. There are an assortment of ways that Mr. Kriksciun can help you try and get a municipal charge dismissed. In many cases, Municipal Court charges can be handled without the requirement that the client be present in court.

One might assume that representing clients in Municipal Court would be part and parcel of any New Orleans criminal defense lawyer's practice. However, Municipal Court is a totally different animal from Criminal District Court. Attorneys that do not work in Municipal Court often find it to be overwhelming due to the fast pace and packed courtrooms. If you need a criminal defense lawyer with experience in Municipal Court, contact the Law Office of Alex Kriksciun for a free consultation today!