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Case Results

Please Note:

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.

State of Louisiana v. K.W.

Client was charged with unauthorized use of a movable for allegedly renting a U-Haul truck and failing to return it.  I was able to convince the prosecutors to not prosecute the case by subpoenaing records, interviewing witnesses, taking their affidavit(s), and drafting a persuasive letter to the district attorney's office detailing why my client should not be prosecuted.

State of Louisiana v. R.A.

Client was charged with fourth offense DWI.  I met with the district attorney's office and was able to persuade them to dismiss the case due to issues with the traffic stop.

State of Louisiana v. S.R.

Client was charged with second-degree rape after an incident that took place in a local hotel.  I was able to work with the client's out-of-state counsel, obtain medical records associated with the alleged sexual assault, perform background check on the complaining witness, and present all this information to the district attorney's office.  Ultimately, the district attorney's office dropped the case.

State of Louisiana v. R.B

Client was charged with possession of heroin, possession of soma, possession of alprazolam, possession of clonazepam, and possession of cocaine.  After a jury trial, my client was acquitted of all charges.


Client was threatened with a lawsuit after corresponding with a woman that he met on an internet dating website.  The claim specifically stated that the woman was underage.  Z.B. had been harassed by a person purporting to be complaining witness's father.  I was able to research and gain public access to public records associated with the woman's phone number.  I subsequently determined that the people that had contacted my client were attempting to scam him and stopped any further contact with my client.  The lawsuit was never filed.

State of Louisiana v. G.B.

Client was arrested for DWI.  It was his sixth arrest for DWI.  I was able to negotiate a plea to first offense DWI, which saved my client at least two years in the penitentiary. 

State of Louisiana v. L.C.

One of my first any my proudest cases.  Client was facing a minimum of 2 years in the penitentiary for failure to register as a sex offender.  I was able to negotiate a plea that allowed the client to maintain his employment as an offshore oil worker and to register as a sex offender in Mississippi, where the registration requirements are much less onerous than in Louisiana.

State of Louisiana v. K.C.

Client was charged with DWI.  Due to my efforts and my coordinating the same efforts with the DA's office, I was able to negotiate a plea to reckless driving, which did not affect my client's driving record or insurance.

State of Louisiana v. C.F.

Client had been charged with and pleaded guilty to various drug offenses in the early 1990's.  He wanted to expunge those convictions.  I was able to make a public records request to the Harahan Police Department to obtain the appropriate records, obtain four Certificates of Compliance from the Louisiana State Police, and convinced the district attorney's office to waive the customary fee.  This allowed the client to regain his right to own a firearm.

State v. J.G

Client was charged with several offenses, including public intoxication and simple battery.  The case proceeded to trial and the client was acquitted.

State v. C.T.

Client was charged with one count of first-degree rape, which carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment at hard labor upon conviction.  After conducting a preliminary examination, I was able to persuade the district attorney's office to refuse the charge.

Power of Few, LLC v. Jane Doe #2

Defendant/client was sued for allegedly downloading copyrighted material from a peer-to-peer file sharing network in federal court.  I filed a Motion to Quash the plaintiff's subpoena seeking to disclose her identity and a Motion to Dismiss or Sever my client's case.  The court granted both motions and dismissed the action against my client without disclosing her identity.

State v. M.G.

Client sought to be removed from the Louisiana Sex Offender Registry after successfully completing ten years of registration.  I filed a petition to do the same.  The petition was granted (over objection by the Louisiana State Police) and the client's name was removed from the registry.